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Racing ahead with LS2

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New race replicas for 2018

Seven sensational new graphics – including two race replicas – give the full-face Breaker from LS2 a look that’s as impressive as the technology beneath it.

Produced in eight sizes – XXS to 3XL – the ultra-lightweight KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) shell comes in three sizes, for a close, comfortable and safe fit.  Safety is enhanced with LS2’s emergency release system, which allows emergency responders to remove the cheek pads, making it possible to remove the helmet with minimal movement of a fallen rider’s head and neck.

The quick-release visor comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert and there’s a drop-down sun shield too. Inside, the Breaker is ready for the LINKIN Ride Pal intercom system, which is made for LS2 by SENA and retails for £129.99.
Retail prices for the Breaker start at just £129.99 for plain colours and graphics/replicas sell for £139.99.


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