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R&G-distributed Denali DialDims give riders complete control of their auxiliary lighting.

The R&G-distributed Denali lighting range has been a hugely popular product line, helping to illuminate the road ahead, so riders not only see more but are also seen by other road users.

The DialDim range helps to take this further, giving riders complete control over their auxiliary lights. Motorcyclists can independently turn two sets of lights on/off, as well as set their intensity with ease. A unique High/Low Sync feature ensures that auxiliary lights will automatically switch between the selected dim setting and full intensity with the factory high beam switch.

Denali DialDim also allows riders to cancel their main lights in sync with their indicators, ensuring the factory indicators do not “wash out”. There is also a feature to allow visibility lights to flash in sync with indicators, or strobe when the horn is sounded.

DialDims are available for a wide range of machines and R&G has recently begun stocking a range of bike-specific models, including popular touring motorcycles such as the Yamaha Tenere 700, Honda Africa Twin, KTM 1290 Adventure and Harley-Davidson Pan America.

RRPs start from £158.33 (Exc. VAT).

For information on stocking plans, please contact 01420 89007 or email [email protected].




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