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SamcoSport coolant silicone hose kit for MT09

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Coolant SIlicone Hose kit for Yamaha MT09
This 8 piece SamcoSport silicone hose kit removes the factory thermostat with the pipe and replaces it with a fully-moulded SamcoSport silicone hose. This improves the cooling system efficiency and lowers engine running temperatures. Increase the performance, durability and styling of your cooling system. All hose kits come handmade and hand-inspected in the UK with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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£102.93 + VAT

Also available to order when purchasing your Hose Kit. £18.33 + VAT for Full SamcoSport Stainless Steel Clamp Kit.

Kept In Stock in RED & BLUE, Also Available To Order In: Red, Black, Green, classic black, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, British Racing Green, Silver, Pink, Urban Camo, Lighting Blue, Ninja Green camo, Solar Orange camo & Samco Blaze flame.

01763 249807

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