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TCX boots 2017

The four new boots from TCX for 2017 are RT-Race (£229.99 SRP) and the waterproof WP version (£249.99 SRP), Drifter WP (£259.99 SRP), Rush WP (£99.99 SRP) and Street Ace WP (£119.99 SRP). The RT Race features Fasten Fit Control, a lace-up inner closure to ensure the snug fit of the upper part of the boot. There’s a zip fastening on the outside with an elastic panel and the calf closure is via micro-adjustable aluminium buckle. Double Flex Control prevents over extension of the ankle joint. Available in four colour options. The Drifter WP boot features a soft brown leather upper with additional gear-change protection. It has a waterproof lining and internal heat protection in chamois leather. The boot fastens with three replaceable aluminium buckles. Rush WP is a short boot. The upper is constructed from a mix of materials from matt, soft-touch microfibre to chamois leather and features a waterproof internal lining. There are reinforcements on the toe, ankle and heel areas. Available in two colour options, black and black/yellow. The Street Ace WP is developed from TCX’s original “biker sneaker” and is made in vintage-look leather and there’s protection at the toe, heel and ankle and a waterproof lining. Colour options are black, coffee brown and Dakar brown. There’s also a Street Ace Lady version available in matt black with studs (Street Dark Lady), dark grey and cold grey/fushsia.
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