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The bike cleaner that is safe for all bikes and components!

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Here at Motoverde (Formerly known as Pro-GreenMX) we have manufactured all our own products since 2012, this way we know that everything we produce is made to the highest quality, every time!

Bike Wash
The bike cleaner that is safe for all bikes and components!


Our Bike Wash incorporates a specially chosen blend of fully biodegradable surfactants designed to rapidly clean every part of your bike. Bike Wash provides a powerful clean by removing ingrained dirt, mud, grime, sand, and clay stains with minimum effort. Which leaves a streak-free finish whilst being safe on all your bike’s sensitive surfaces. Originally developed for motocross bikes, we know how to clean dirt! Bike Wash can be used on all bikes and bike parts, whether its heavily soiled or just needs a light clean.

We believe that bike cleaner should offer peace of mind so we have made sure our formula contains no acids, alkaline salts or any other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to any surface.

Don’t take our word for it, SMPRO (Central Wheel Components) conducted testing behind closed doors with all the leading Bike Cleaners as they were facing problems with highly acidic products attacking the anodising of their rims. Our Bike Wash was the only product that stood out to them as there was no evidence of attack. In 2021 Bennetts Bike Social also conducted similar tests of 69 cleaners in thorough detail and there had to be a best buy… Our Bike Wash has passed the tests multiple times and stands out as being the safest and most effective cleaner on the market.

When offering our concentrated Bike Wash refills to your customers you can boast prices from as little as £1.80 per litre and that is at RRP too. All our stockists sell at retail as there is simply no need to discount our products. We do not run weekly promotions for you to compete with nor will we sell our products to large chain vendors that will put them on special offer in local stores or supermarkets. There is no minimum order quantity, and we will even mix boxes of products if you just require a small top-up.

Customer Satisfaction
Due to the high quality of our products being sold at outstanding value for money, we see a high return rate with both our stockists and our customers. Once the end user has used our products, they will not go back to anything else. We also offer you great piece of mind as a business that you are not offering your customers products that can harm or damage their expensive machine.

If you’re interested in consistent margins, outstanding products and great customer service then please do contact us on:

T: 02477 679947
E: [email protected]


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