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With 70 years of experience in the development and construction of exhaust systems for motorized two-wheelers, Leo Vince has established itself firmly in the industry and has become an integral part of racetracks, roads, and off-road tracks.

The world-famous traditional company started out with exhaust systems for 2- and 4-stroke engines under the name Sito. The brand Leo Vince itself was born in 1987 and quickly became the market leader in the field of exhaust systems & silencers for 2-stroke scooters, so that from 1999 the portfolio was expanded to include sporty 4-stroke motorcycles.

Parts Europe is distributing Leo Vince/Sito exhaust systems for 5 years and has been helping to transport the quality products to every corner of Europe, including the British Isles:

Parts Europe’s special services for dealers in the UK encompass:

  • Invoices issued in GBP with the applicable VAT and therefore treatable as domestic invoices.
  • Automatic payment by direct debit is also possible.
  • All regular orders that can be delivered by UPS are sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Parts Europe is taking care of the customs procedures and all customs fees here.

  • The option of freight-free deliveries when specified order values are reached is offered as a matter of course.

During the peak season, the Parts Europe team is working on Saturdays:

If time is of the essence, Parts Europe partnering dealers simply select the desired products in the webshop and the order is dispatched at the weekend. The Customer Service is available on Saturdays from March to July and will take care of any request.

Parts Europe offers the complete range of exhaust systems and slip-ons from the Italian manufacturer and over 400 other top brands from all areas of the powersports business. Becoming a Parts Europe dealer is easy: register your company today and benefit from an unbeatable one-stop shopping concept that suits your own business model.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 6501 9695-2000
Fax: +49 6501 9695-2650

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