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April 2024 Registrations

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Registrations by style
 Year to Date
MOPEDSApr 2024Apr 2023 % ChangeApr 2024Apr 2023% Change
Moped Naked6731116.1%17512045.8%
Moped Other7284-14.3%297318-6.6%
Moped Scooters36328726.5%115011182.9%
TOTAL MOPEDS50240224.9%162215564.2%
Modern Classic107110343.6%410439523.8%
Road Sport87678311.9%3437294516.7%
TOTAL MOTORCYCLES937193560.2%3602136044-0.1%
TOTAL TRICYCLES8790-3.3%269270-0.4%
TOTAL REGISTRATIONS996098481.1%37912378700.1%
Registrations by capacity
 Year to Date
ENGINE BANDApr 2024Apr 2023% ChangeApr 2024Apr 2023% Change
0 – 50cc2762606.2%10171128-9.8%
51 – 125cc304928686.3%11264111311.2%
501 – 750cc12391378-10.1%44205148-14.1%
751 – 1000cc15921747-8.9%63506445-1.5%
over 1000cc15031671-10.1%64526929-6.9%
TOTAL REGISTRATIONS954695120.4%3672436794-0.2%
Top ten brands
5Royal Enfield532

Registrations struggle for grip in April

After underwhelming new-plate numbers in March, April registrations failed to impress too, as new-season showroom footfall lacked purchase momentum. The MCIA’s total monthly headcount rose by a pathetic 1.1% to 9960 units. Whether this was attributable to weaker demand or absent inventory had to be moot. BDN financial editor Roger Willis suspects a mixture of both.

Motorcycles were on the receiving end of a 0.9% decline to 7450, countered by a 4.4% gain for scooters to 1921 and a better 24.9% improvement for mopeds to 502. Trikes were 3.3% down to 87.

Petrolhead products overall were just 0.4% up to 9546. The up-to-125cc mobility and fleet delivery segment added a reasonable 6.3% to 3325 – by far the biggest slice of April registrations. Some 393 samples of Honda’s PCX 125 scooter waved the fleet leadership flag. The only other prospering slot was the notionally A2-dominated 126-500cc segment, with growth of a fat 18.8% to 1887. Within that, Triumph’s Speed 400 was outright best-seller and Royal Enfield’s Meteor 350 deserved an honourable mention, as they also earned respective Modern Classic and Custom best-seller laurels.

Every larger capacity class incurred losses. Machines in the 501-750cc bracket fell by 10.1% to 1239, headed up by the bland but versatile Honda NC750X workhorse. Cash-cow steeds in 751-1000cc range surrendered some popularity too, 8.9% down for a second consecutive month, this time to a 1592 tally. However, Triumph’s Tiger 900GT Pro also held best-seller status for a second month on the trot.

Premium 1000cc-plus products were 10.1% in arrears as well, on 1503 registrations. BMW Motorrad was rewarded with the best-seller dog biscuit for its rump R1250 GS Adventure, which de-throned the new R1300 GS. That probably reflects inventory restocking issues, following particularly high R1300 GS sales volume in March.

As for the year-on-year brand ranking chart, some of it revolved around distortions from the double-digit percentage registrations decline last April. Inevitably, Honda hung onto hegemony, 6.3% up. But PCX125 scooter fleet input accounted for about 20% of sales. Triumph stacked on 21.4% to a fairly distant second, with budget-priced Speed 400 sales contributing 17% of its total. On third spot, Yamaha retreated by 12.8%. BMW Motorrad enjoyed 28% growth in fourth place. Shifting swansong R1250 GS Adventure stock represented 26.2% of its headcount. Royal Enfield completed the Top Five, 10.4% up.

KTM in sixth plunged by 21.7%. Contrarily, Lexmoto in seventh went ballistic, increasing by 75.2% – undoubtedly a bonus from inventory influx. Kawasaki in eighth virtually flatlined, a 1.3% rise equating to half a dozen extra sales. Harley-Davidson made a rare chart appearance in ninth, boasting just 216 units sold. No comparison was possible, because we weren’t blessed with such a visit 12 months earlier. Finally, Suzuki crept into tenth, its volume plummeting by 30.6%. That obviously de-noted a grievous hangover of back orders awaited.

In the four months of 2024 to date, total registrations have now risen by a mere 0.1% to 37,912. The internal combustion firmament has fallen by 0.2% to 36,724. Battery-electric products have grown by 10.4% to just 1188 units. The word “positive” – attached to this data by a leading industry executive – is hardly appropriate.


Roger Willis

BDN financial editor 

Q2 sees motorcycle registrations back on track 

After a rocky end to Q1, with March seeing a fall in registrations, Q2 has started more positively with a 1.1% increase in total registrations for April, a sign that the new motorcycle market is getting back on track”, says Symon Cook, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA).

“In April, total registrations increased by 1.1%, from 9848 to 9960 units, with mopeds up 24.9% and motorcycles up 0.2% within that. Year-to-date figures show total registrations slightly higher than at the same point last year, increasing from 37,870 to 37,912, a 0.1% rise.

“Many motorcycle categories saw an increase in registrations in April. The adventure and road sport categories witnessed the most significant rises, going from 1780 to 2062 and from 783 to 876 units, respectively, equating to increases of 15.8% and 11.9%. Other categories such as touring and naked models saw decreases with a 16.9% and 15.8% fall respectively. April’s figures also reveal a decrease in 501-750cc motorcycles from 1378 to 1239 (-10.1%). However, 126-500cc motorcycles saw an increase of 18.8%.

“In the current market landscape, electric registrations increased from 336 to 414 units, an increase year-on-year of 23.2%, indicating that electric adoption is gradually, but steadily, rising.

“Honda remains the top-selling brand in the market, with 1976 units sold in April. Triumph comes in second with 1016 units. Yamaha completes the top three with 960 units, while Suzuki completes the top 10 with 211 units.”

Cook concluded: “Year-to-date figures show just a modest 0.1% increase in registrations, but there are certainly encouraging signs, particularly as we enter the warmer months of the year. It should also be noted that electric registrations have seen steady growth so far this year. NMDA dealers’ express confidence that the upcoming months will yield further successes.”


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