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'brexit delaying legalisation of e-scooters'

Brexit is delaying the potential launch of public-use electric scooters in the UK, says Sweden’s Voi Technology, which claims Britain risks being left behind. Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and chief executive of the shared e-scooter firm, said he has held talks with the UK government about changing regulation.

It is currently illegal in the UK to ride them on public roads or pavements.

But Hjelm said: “What we hear and feel is that Brexit is a big reason why things are moving so slowly.”

He added: “We don’t have any high hopes of getting this through before Brexit, which I think is sad, because most other European countries have been quite quick in adapting and trying to find a good regulatory framework.”

Voi Technology is one of a growing number of businesses which have launched e-scooters in cities throughout Europe, the US and Asia. The company, which has only been operating since 2018, announced this week that it had raised $85m (£66m) from private investors.

Its first funding round a year ago attracted.

Many of these companies are vying to be the first to launch shared e-scooters – which can travel at speeds in excess of 30mph – in London.

US firm Bird established the first legal electric scooter route in the UK this year at London’s Olympic Park. It was able to do so because it is on private land.

However, e-scooters are not without controversy. They have been involved in a number of traffic accidents, some of which have resulted in fatalities. Television presenter Emily Hartridge was riding an electric scooter when she was killed in a collision with a lorry in south London in July.

France announced last month it was introducing rules to ensure e-scooters are only used by people aged 12 and upwards. The two-wheelers will also no longer be allowed on pavements there.


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