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entire mv range available to order online

Introduced experimentally by MV Agusta for the launch of the Superveloce 800 Serie Oro and the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro limited series, online ordering is reported to have been an instant success with fans and collectors worldwide and has now been extended to the Italian manufacturer’s entire range.

Buyers ordering directly from MV Agusta’s website product pages, or through the company’s social media platforms will be directed to a new section of the portal, making it easier for them to pre-order any MV Agusta model. The system will then automatically alert the closest MV Agusta dealer to put them in contact and finalise the transaction.

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta, said: “The move is a natural step in the company’s long history of constantly pursuing innovation and making use of the most advanced technologies, yet hand-crafting every single motorcycle rolling out of its hangars. This dual soul makes MV Agusta bikes unique, and pervades every aspect of the business. Advanced social platforms and internet operations are part of the process and represent a direct, unfiltered way for MV Agusta to get in touch with its growing customer base.

“We believe that the digital ecosystem is a cornerstone for reaching worldwide growth and strengthen customer relationship. Starting today, we make easier to connect customers to our dealer network worldwide by allowing users to start their order request directly from”


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