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Honda Super Cub protected by 3D trademark

The design of the Honda Super Cub, the world’s largest-selling vehicle, has been granted a three-dimensional trademark.

Introduced in Japan in 1997, three-dimensional trademarks can be granted to a product which has acquired distinctiveness through long and extensive use. Strict criteria are applied to registrations, and the Super Cub becomes one of very few industrial products to achieve such status.

A key factor for the Japan Patent Office when considering the endorsement was the consistent design concept which Honda has maintained with the Super Cub over more than 50 years since it was introduced in 1958.

The Super Cub is the world’s largest-selling vehicle, with cumulative worldwide production reaching 87 million units as of March 2014, and sales across more than 160 countries.

Honda is currently producing the Super Cub series at 15 production plants in 14 countries around the world; most notably Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, China, Nigeria and Japan. Cumulative worldwide production figures, according to Honda, are as follows:

10 million units – August 1974; 50 million units – December 2005; 60 million units – April 2008; 87 million units – March 2014.



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