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Lambretta unveils new scooter range to fans in Italy

Lambretta unveiled a new scooter range at the 70th anniversary of the brand, held at the Aria International Raceway near Venice between 2-4 June.

The V-Special is a series of machines to hit the global market towards the end of this year.

The V-Special features semi-monocoque steel frame, steel leg shields, interchangeable side panels and horn casting and aluminium parts. The range comprises V50, V125 and V200 Specials.

The company – the Lambretta Consortium – has a manufacturing tie-up with Sanyang, the leading Taiwanese bike manufacturer and a former Honda joint partner.

Michael Kirschenhofer, CEO of Lambretta GmbH, the Austria-based Lambretta scooter division, said there would be a “limited number of dealers selected for global distribution”.

Lambretta is working on a 400cc engine. The design of the host scooter, to be unveiled at EICMA in 2018, will combine elements of the V-Special and the Lambretta GP or DL.

Next year will also see an electric version of the V-Special, featuring a Bosch motor, Panasonic batteries and a top battery management system.


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