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Moped decline continues

2023 motorcycle registrations data from key European markets.

The market for larger-engined PTWs (defined as any machine over 50cc by ACEM) continues apace. The combined French, German, Spanish, Italian and UK markets (Europe’s five largest) are now a healthy 11.8% ahead of where they were in 2022, and show a 28.7% increase over the last five years – the sort of improvement UK dealers can only dream of. Electric machinery is having a tough time in the UK, and battery-powered bikes are also proving to be a trickier sale across the Channel than has been the case, resulting in a slight fall in overall market share to 3.2%, down from 4.2%.

The combined largest moped markets (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK) continue to decline, resulting in a fall of a quarter (25.0%) compared to last year. Germany and the Netherlands are mostly to blame for the decline, posting 40%-plus reductions year-on-year, but none of the top-six nations showed any positive figures. Registrations of electric-powered mopeds reduced proportionally, so the market share of battery bikes was largely unaffected.

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