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motorcycle market to grow, e-bikes to thrive

Global demand for motorcycles is projected to expand 4.4% per year through to 2022, following a period of stagnating product sales.

That’s the prediction of a global motorcycle study undertaken by

The report concludes that advances at the global level will be supported by rising personal incomes in developing nations, the introduction of new, top-of-the-line models in mature markets, and the growing use of motorcycles for business and recreation purposes. Rapidly increasing demand for e-bikes will provide the impetus for much of the growth in the motorcycle markets of the US, Europe, and numerous Asia/Pacific countries.

Key findings are that the Asia/Pacific region will account for two-thirds of all new motorcycle sales through to 2022. Market gains in the Asia/Pacific region will be supported by above average economic growth, rising living standards, additional investment in the road networks of many area countries, the formation of motorcycle cultures in numerous developing nations, and the growing use of motorcycles by businesses. Numerous developing Asia/Pacific markets, including Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia, will register impressive growth because motorcycles are a low cost mode of transportation.

Motorcycles sales in China are projected to decline between 2017 and 2022 by about 1% per annum because of the large number of motorcycles already in use in the country, additional government regulations restricting motorcycle use, the expansion of China’s large public transportation network, and growing demand for motor vehicles. Of all the product types, only the medium and heavy internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycle segment is expected to post significant gains between 2017 and 2022. As the use of motorcycles for recreational purposes increases, motorcycle racing grows in popularity, and motorcycles are increasingly viewed by consumers as status symbols.

Sales of e-bikes and electric scooters and motorcycles outside China will grow rapidly. E-bikes will account for the overwhelming majority of new electric product demand, as they continue to capture market share from conventional bicycles. Both developed and industrialised nations are expected to register strong growth as the availability of reliable electric models increases. The lower upfront and operating costs and environmental credentials of these machines – compared with ICE motorcycles – also enhance their appeal. Governments around the world at both the national and local levels will continue to support the transition toward e-bikes through subsidies and tax breaks, ride-sharing programs, and additional investment in the public charging infrastructure.

Study Coverage

This study presents historical demand data (2007, 2012, and 2017) and forecasts for 2022 by product (ICE scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes; ICE light motorcycles; ICE medium and heavy motorcycles; and electric motorcycles) in unit terms. Additionally, it provides total motorcycle demand in dollar terms, the number of motorcycles in use, production, and net export figures. This study evaluates company market share and provides analysis on industry competitors including Bajaj Auto, Hero MotoCorp, Honda, Jiangsu Yadea, Suzuki, TVS Motor, Yamaha, and Zongshen Industrial.

The report can be purchased online.



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