Saturday, June 15, 2024


A new joint venture by formerly French scooter brand Peugeot, now owned by Indian automotive giant Mahindra, has been established in Vietnam. Well-known UK industry veteran Mark Franklin, who has been acting as a consultant to Peugeot in South-East Asia, reports for BDN.

It’s taken two years and the unwelcome intervention of Covid-V19 causing some serious challenges. But finally the Peugeot partnership with Vietnam’s second-largest industrial enterprise Thaco Group has come to fruition with the completion and launch of its new factory in Chu Lai.

Thaco, which currently build cars, coaches and specialist vehicles for Kia, Mazda,  Mercedes and other automotive brands, has now started production of Peugeot Django scooters. These will be supplied to the 23 Vietnamese domestic outlets Peugeot has ready for the launch, before embarking on national and regional expansion in 2021.

The next step will be to use tariff rules that apply to manufacturing in the ASEAN free trade area, of which Vietnam is a member. This will give Peugeot a greater strategic export footprint in markets such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It will be able to enter the premium Taiwan scooter market as well.

Commenting on his own involvement, Franklin added: “It’s another successfully completed project over the line for me. I’ll hand the baton to a new regional director for Peugeot, whose appointment we will announce shortly. And I will stay on in an advisory role in the short term, to ensure smooth implementation as Peugeot products reach across South-East Asia for the first time.”



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