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Photo fuels Mercedes-MV rumours

Speculation that Mercedes-Benz is planning to buy into MV Agusta has been rife for a while. It was fuelled by the release of a photograph to promote the unveiling in July of its CLA 45 AMG in Milan. Instead of the supercar being pictured solo, it was pictured on track behind an MV Agusta F3 800.

It isn’t the first time the German manufacturer has shown an interest in an Italian motorcycle company. Back in 2010, Mercedes-AMG formed a loose partnership with Ducati and together they produced a couple of special edition models. But Ducati has since been bought by Audi and now Mercedes must feel a little left out as the only major German manufacturer with no motorcycle links.

MV Agusta is not an ailing company, although it does have limited growth potential without major investment. MV Agusta is going strong and has new product and strong sales in an otherwise poor Euro market.

Having a motorcycle part of the business gives instant street cred that no amount of F1 wins, S-Class limos or McLaren supercars can bestow. And BMW and Mercedes have been serious competitors for over a century and it might be a case of one wanting what the other has. Rather than developing its own motorcycles, the easy way is the Audi way … buy a motorcycle company.

MV will not be drawn on the subject.


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