Sunday, June 16, 2024


Yamaha Motor Europe has decided that it will take part in the EICMA Milan 2021 show on 23-28 November.

In making this choice, the company has cited positive progress of international and national vaccination programmes, and steady easing of restrictive measures against Covid-19 in Europe — and Italy in particular.

Preventive safety measures will still be implemented, in cooperation with the EICMA organisation. And in that respect, the size of the Yamaha stand will be enlarged in comparison to 2019, to allow visitors more personal space.

Commenting on the initiative, Yamaha Motor Europe chief executive Eric de Seynes said: “The decision to attend EICMA was not an easy one to make for obvious reasons. However, after being reassured by the EICMA organisation that we can provide a safe environment for all visitors, while allowing them to experience the event to the full, we believe it is the right decision to support the return of such an event.”


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