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tuning clampdown hits aftermarket distributor

Parts Europe parent LeMans Corporation, the biggest US aftermarket distributor through its Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties operations, has fallen foul of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulatory authority over a range of emissions-related tuning products supplied to Californian bike dealers. 

As a result, LeMans has agreed a confidental out-of-court financial settlement with CARB protecting these trade outlets from litigation in regards to their retail sales of items supplied to them up until 1 October, 2015. And it is urgently establishing what the company describes as “a revised compliance plan”, presumably to identify and recall potentially illegal stock.

Numerous product categories are affected, including exhausts, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and eliminators, fuel and air controller modules, carburettor parts, cam modifications and air cleaner/filter kits.

Basically, CARB has rejected “not for highway use” disclaimers at point-of-sale and is requiring test certification showing that such parts are purely like-for-like replacements and do not alter the performance of OEM emissions-control devices.


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