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VW Shows Ducati-powered Sports Car

VW took the wraps off a neat little sports car at the Paris Motor Show on 1 October, looking like a cross between an Audi TT and a Ferrari…and powered by a Ducati Superleggera engine. Unlikely as it may sound, the VW XL Sport is based on the XL-1, a 240mpg diesel hybrid that claims to be the most economical production car in the world.

The XL Sport is very different, with the 197bhp Ducati V-twin offering a top speed of 168mph and 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds. It’s a concept car that may never see production, but looks like a good result of the Ducati-Audi marriage. As for fuel consumption, it won’t do 240mpg, but it should use less fuel than a Ferrari.


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