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yamaha buys into electric technology

Yamaha has joined forces with Gogoro to develop and share its electric scooter technology.

Gorgoro has been producing electric scooters since 2015 and currently operates a battery replacement system in its native Taiwan. Its 750 stations – expected to grow to more than 1000 by next year – contain charged batteries which Gogoro riders can exchange. Since the system was launched Gogoro has recorded around 17 million swaps.

Yamaha is already building the electric scooter E-Vino in Taiwan, which is also being exported to Japan. The link-up suggests it is now going down the battery replacement route. It seems the agreement includes the sale of all-electric scooters developed by Gogoro – and a Yamaha battery replacement system.

Yamaha wants to rebadge and redesign the Gogoro e-scooters under its own brand and distribution – initially limited to Taiwan – will be handled by the Yamaha dealer network. The first Yamaha/Gogoro e-scooters are expected to be launched in the summer of 2019.


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