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Yamaha prepares for all Brexit scenarios

Yamaha UK has established a working group, alongside its colleagues at Yamaha Europe, to prepare for Brexit.

Dealer principals have been told that there is “a strong possibility” that no Brexit deal will be agreed prior to the leaving date for the UK of 29 March and that the manufacturer needed to prepare for “every possibility, particularly in the case of a no-deal Brexit”.

“We will be looking at all aspects of Brexit that will affect both ourselves and our dealer network. Among the issues to be considered are:

  • Business continuity
  • Unit availability
  • P&A availability
  • Duty, VAT & intrastats
  • Implications for dealers

“We will keep you informed of any developments that will affect your dealership. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding Brexit, or any concerns you want to run past us, please email Yamaha at [email protected].”


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