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A Triple-header release from Tri-Motive

Swansea-based distributor Tri-Motive has added three new helmet brands to its portfolio for 2018.
First up is legendary Italian firm Vemar. The folks there have been making helmets for more than 30 years and, according to Tri-Motive director Alex Orazietti, “know just how to strike the perfect balance between style, technology, design – and cost”. Its new Hurricane race range will be spearheading Tri-Motive’s mid-priced helmet offering for 2018.
Next up is Simpson helmets, which have been the choice for streetfighters and biking bad boys for more than three decades. The Bandit, with its NASCAR-roots design and aggressive lines, is said to one of the best-known helmet models ever made. “Simpson has updated the design with a fully ECE22-05 compliant shell and up-to-date production techniques. Dubbed the Venom, this next-generation Bandit is all set to wow the current crop of retro and naked bike fans,” said Orazietti.
Finally, Tri-Motive has signed up Momo. “Another Italian brand, Momo comes straight from the catwalk, with high-end, avant-garde design and production techniques. The new Fighter Graphene uses the latest wonder-material, graphene, to make a super-tough, lightweight open-face lid – that looks as amazing as the tech inside,” Orazietti points out.
“We are delighted to secure sole distribution rights for these iconic helmet brands and look forward to showing dealers how good they are.”


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