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Annual MOT must stay says NMDA chairman

How many vehicles do you see on the road with a brake light out, a bald tyre, or even an indicator that comes on when the brakes are applied? Well, I have started taking a mental note of these minor traffic offences on my daily ride to work. My point here is if these are obvious faults that I can spot when I should be watching where I am going, what about the less obvious severe defects such as worn-out brake pads or bulges on the insides of tyres?

So why on earth would anyone want to reduce the frequency of the annual MOT, as has been suggested by Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps recently? The government is considering extending the requirement for an MOT test to two years as it considers ways of easing the financial burden many are facing which are also affordable for the government to implement.

I’ll bet there are plenty of motorists who never check anything on their vehicle, and that the only time it gets any sort of basic inspection is at the annual MOT test. Given the facts, the NMDA, with the full weight of its wider RMI organisation, will push back on the proposal to extend the test period and will make a strong case both on safety and preventative maintenance grounds that the annual test is the best for all. In fact, I personally feel the MOT fee on motorcycles is due an increase from its current price of £29.65, which is inadequate in the current trading environment.

There is no doubt that an economic squeeze is coming, and after the economists and the media have talked about it for long enough, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Covid hangover was bound to kick in sooner or later, as you can’t print money in enormous quantities for long without consequences.

The motorcycle industry offers a solution to customers who want to reduce fuel bills. Historically, when times have been tough, we have seen growth in the two-wheeler market. So, with a bit of prudence and a dose of common sense, I am sure we will turn all this negativity into a big lump of positivity as an industry.
Philip Youles,
NMDA chairman


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