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appeal to dealers to host film night for cancer

Mike Grainger of GT Motorcycles of Plymouth and Ross Feltham of the CMC group are said to be backing an American plan to screen the film Take It To The Limit in aid of prostate cancer at dealerships across the UK.

Tour organiser Peter Starr, himself a prostate cancer survivor, envisages eight showings of the film between 19 July and early August and is looking for dealers interested in hosting an evening of entertainment including a screening of his movie.

Starr of the Healing Arts Education Foundation told BDN: “We have a project here in the USA that has had its greatest success through Harley-Davidson and BMW dealers, due no doubt to the demographic of the riders, who are at the age where they start to think about prostate cancer and related diseases. Our programme is supported through cooperative advertising by Yamaha, Ducati and BMW.

“At the suggestion of some dealers, Mike Grainger at GT Motorcycles for one and Ross Feltham at CMC for another, I am bringing the event to the UK.”

Starr made the decision to travel to the UK after Classic Bike magazine offered to run a mini-serialisation of his book, Taking It To The Limit, 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies. The magazine articles will focus on UK motorcycle racing icons Barry Sheene and Mike Hailwood.  

“I am hoping this will coincide with the proposed series of lectures and film shows in the UK that I think could be to our mutual benefit. I believe there is a market for dealer movie showings in the UK, particularly given the Classic Bike publicity.

“The fact that I couple this with the prostate cancer cause, I think, gives it a little more impetus for older riders, who form such a large percentage of the buying public for motorcycle product. Not to mention that the movie deals with classic riders who are better known by the older audience.”

Starr concluded: “To make this trip happen I need a commitment from eight key UK dealers and I hope to get some support for them from the manufacturers.

“So far I have commitments from Ducati Manchester, Laguna Motorcycles in Crawley and GT Motorcycles in Plymouth.”

The cost (or donation) is £1600, for which Starr brings a 13’ x 9’ screen, cinema-quality projector, sound system, the movie, and gives a short talk about the reason for being there – prostate cancer and then about the making of the movie (emphasis on Mike Hailwood, Barry Sheene and Mick Andrews).

Starr says he has a two-minute trailer that can be customised for each dealer for use on their social media platforms.

Jay Leno called Starr the “Spielberg of motorcycle movies” after the Starr produced more than 40 films about motorcycle racing between 1973 and 1993 – his most famous being the iconic Take It To The Limit.

Starr was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2004. Now in his 57th year of riding, Starr has ridden in 10 countries in the past five years and many of these journeys were chronicled in Motorcyclist Magazine and will become the subject of a future book.  Starr believes that nothing, even cancer, should keep a man (or woman) from the driving passion of ones life – in this case, motorcycling.

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