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artisan launches three new machines

Artisan has dramatically expanded its range with three new electric bikes. The Horwin is a neat-looking 125-equivalent cafe racer which can top 65mph and claims a 90-mile range at 28mph. The PR6 is arriving first, retailing at £6000, while the CR6 Pro (complete with manual six-speed gearbox) will follow in mid-2020 at about £1000 more.

Then there’s the Kollter, a trailie or super moto offered in moped or L3 form with one or two batteries. It will be with dealers in March. Also new was a three-wheeler delivery moped, with twin rear wheels and twin motors. It tilts to corner, but Artisan’s Phil Griffin emphasised the high load capacity – far more than a two-wheel scooter. At around £6000 it’s an interesting newcomer to the delivery market.

Artisan sold around 80 bikes in 2019, but with the new models coming on stream is expecting to more than double that to 200 this year.  Added to Artisan’s existing Vespa-style scooter and Evo-3 mini-bike, it adds up to the most diverse range on offer from a single importer. They’re looking for dealers in Hampshire, Oxford and the Home Counties amongst other places. E-Skuta too are looking for dealers. The SX-250d, although it looks like a lightweight delivery moped, is actually a pedelec. Retail prices start at £1695.


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