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Specialist training, coaching and consultancy service firm Automotivo has launched a selection of dealer training programmes to improve sales of motorcycles, parts, workshop hours, clothing and accessories.

Claimed to give measurable dealership performance and enhanced profitability, the Motorcycle Vehicle Health Check (VHC) Development Programme is delivered as a three month course within the dealership, and is said to give sustained improvements in performance, profitability, upselling and customer satisfaction.

Jim Ellis, aftersales development specialist at Automotivo, told BDN: “The programme assesses dealers’ current practices, identifies key areas and works with the dealer team to ensure maximum sales are achieved every time. It provides dealers with a combination of consultancy-based training and coaching (two days onsite), one-to-one management, leadership training and coaching”

Implementing a full aftersales sales process, the programme includes technician video training, confidence building and advisor sales training including upselling techniques, closing and objection handling, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Training is designed to complement any end-to-end customer experience process tailored to the dealership. Remote support and follow up sessions to review performance and assist with dealer development are included.


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