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BDN is back in style

All systems go here at British Dealer News and we are glad to be back with a new style printed magazine. 

It has been a test coping with the challenges of an unforgettable year.  Forced business closures and a population instructed to “stay at home “do not make the phone ring of the hook!

What it does do is give every business time to consider, review and act and BDN is not alone in counting every single penny, reviewing every single procedure and making sure every facet of the business is efficient and effective.

The word growth will not be a word used readily to describe 2020, unless you are one of the lucky few, and fortunately BDN is one of them.  Digital audience numbers here have soared, the BDN website and weekly trade newsletter despatched religiously every Friday morning, have been seen and opened by an ever-increasing trade audience hungry for the latest trade information.

To maximise this advantage every BDN advertiser will now receive a package of both print and digital promotion, as we work with the trade to get our market, sales, and business’s back to “normal”.

The cleaner, leaner and stronger BDN has benefited from our first significant design change since it was launched by Colin Mayo and Roger Willis in 2001.  The new look BDN will continue to encompass our uniquely independent editorial style and be further enhanced by new columns, increased news coverage and an even-wider coverage of the new products and services now becoming available for dealers to profit from.

Andy Mayo, co-owner of British Dealer News who remains as positive and energetic as ever said: “New look, new rules, new lease of life.  The reset button has been pressed and we intend to take advantage.

“I would like to thank all our readers, customers, journalists, and staff for their fantastic support and hard work. It’s not been easy for anyone and there have been more business lows than highs this summer but with new thinking, determination and drive we all have a chance to change the direction of our industry for the better.  And hard times may help.  As a much-respected industry stalwart recently said to me, “a damn good recession will be great for the motorcycle industry”

So, with pennies becoming harder to earn and keep, unemployment expected to grow, and commuters scared of public transport, lets maximise the PTW advantage.

Enjoy the new look and keep your news and opinions coming. As always, we enjoy good honest feedback here at BDN. 

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