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Be astounded, is the aim as Krazy Horse expands

Krazy Horse, the Suffolk-based dealership that builds “desire-quenching custom bikes” for enthusiasts, has just opened a second dealership – and owner Paul Beamish wants customers “to be astounded”.

The new venture – at Lamdin Road – is situated a short stroll from the company’s main destination venue on Lark Valley Business Park and showcases three motorcycle and car brands from the UK and the US. These are the Morgan Motor Company, founded over 100 years ago in the UK by Henry Morgan; and from the US, Victory Motorcycle, and Indian Motorcycle, founded in 1901 and America’s first motorcycle company.

Beamish said: “It’s just two years – February 2013 – since Krazy Horse opened and we are delighted to say we are opening this second showroom to cope with the success of this destination venue for petrol heads everywhere. We don’t just want customers to visit, we want them to be astounded at what there is to see. We believe that everything they can imagine is real.”

Full story in the March issue of BDN


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