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BikeTrac launches Lite tracking

Motorcycle tracking specialist BikeTrac has announced a new slimmed-down tracking unit that will be launched at Motorcycle Live in early December.

The BikeTrac Lite is aimed at cost-conscious riders and is ideally suited to low capacity or older machines. The unit offers the same tracking features included with the brand’s premium device, such as GPS and radio frequency technology, but is stripped back to be a simple fit-and-forget, cost-effective alternative.

BikeTrac’s Bill Taylor announced the new Lite device, commenting: “We are delighted to launch this new simplified product. Conversations with our dealer network have very much driven our plans to bring this to market alongside our more premium product. Dealers now have another retail opportunity to offer to owners of smaller capacity machines and scooters, or larger capacity models of a lower value. As a result of slimming down the services offered on the Lite we can pass the cost-saving down to our dealers, who in turn we hope will see more riders adopt tracking as their chosen line of defence, adding an additional revenue stream from customers who would have previously not considered a tracking product.”

While BikeTrac’s premium offering still provides customers with feature-rich functionality, all customisable from their own app and web portal, the Lite works silently in the background, with movement notifications sent via text and email along with access to BikeTrac’s Secure Operating Centre available 24/7.

The BikeTrac Lite has an SRP of £199, with subscription costs of £5.99 per month or an annual fee of £60. Dealer margins remain strong, with 0% finance offers available to dealers as well as consumers.

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