Monday, July 15, 2024


Triumph Motorcycles supremo John Bloor has been a leading source of Conservative party funding since Boris Johnson became prime minister two years ago, according to front-page revelations in the Financial Times.

Besides Triumph, his interests include Bloor Homes, one of the largest private housebuilders in the UK. And in a report on property-sector donors to the Tories, the FT identified him as the third-biggest contributor to the cause from this direction, gifting £1.1m to the party.

The FT also said that the Sunday Times had recently revealed a £150,000 donation by Bloor Holdings in March this year was made just 48 hours after a government minister approved a controversial housing scheme for his company.

In response, John Bloor reportedly said: “I have never met Boris Johnson or spoken to him or his ministers. Neither have I employed lobbyists. We donate money to the Conservative party and charities because we agree with their ethos of aspiration and hope for individuals and children, and expect nothing in return for these donations.” 



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