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Bowers bows out of Yamaha franchise

Bowers, bikes and Bury St Edmunds have been synonymous since 1928, when current owner Brian Bower’s father, George, started a repair workshop in the town. Today, the purpose-built showrooms in the town centre will continue selling motorcycles but without the Yamaha Premier franchise. New stock has gone back to Yamaha and signage removed.

Bowers explains: “We had decisions to make some six months ago. I felt we could not commit to all requirements of the new Yamaha franchise contract. Some of the conditions and obligations were perhaps not realistic for our business profile.

“This area of Suffolk has seen a marked decrease in CBT facilities in the past 12 months. Three schools have closed – being unable to make a living – and the nearest facility now is 15 miles away.

“Couple that with a lack of youth interest and the uphill requirement to get a bike licence and the easy choice is to resort to parents to help them on the car-route alternative.

“Then we have the all-important need to reach target on sell-out to get bonus achievement to try to retain full margin and make it all viable. All these factors brought about our decision that we could not satisfy all the contract clauses.”

Bowers does not see this as other than a sensible forward move in  a fast-changing market-place. “We have a well-established clothing and accessory facility and second-hand sales are buoyant.”

The ending of the trading arrangement as Premier Yamaha dealership was, he says, “conducted in an orderly manner”.

So what of the future?  “Options are open to look at other opportunities,” he says. “We have been selling bikes for 88 years now but we are not closing any doors!”






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