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bragging bike theft suspects arrested

Motorcycle thieves may be less inclined to brag about their crimes on social media after Avon and Somerset arrested three suspects.

The three 16-year-old boys were detained in Bristol on suspicion of vehicle theft after the police spent months monitored social media accounts

British Dealer News reported in February how a Bristol Instagram group was boasting of stealing motorcycles and posting pictures.

Inspector Rob Cheeseman said: “The arrests follow months of surveillance work of the social media accounts which we suspect this group have been using to brag about their criminal behaviour. We know the motor-biking community find these accounts deeply frustrating and insulting, as do we. But our surveillance work has paid off and it is satisfying to see these individuals in custody today.

“These social media accounts are a good source of intelligence for us but it can be tricky to use what’s on them as evidence that will stand up in a court of law, beyond all reasonable doubt.

“Our action should send a strong message to those posting on these groups that we are watching them and they won’t get away with brazen criminality.”


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