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Bruno Tagliaferri: This is Your Life

A wonderfully warm-hearted surprise farewell party for Triumph’s retiring UK and Ireland sales manager Bruno Tagliaferri, 68, was organised by staff at the factory’s visitor centre at Hinckley, Leicestershire, on Tuesday night (24 September).

Attended by 100 members of Triumph’s network of 50 dealers and select group of Triumph workers, the presentation was hosted by new sales manager Devron Boulton. The tribute took the form of a red book This Is Your Life format full of anecdotes and great humour.

With his wife Judy sat next to him, Tagliaferri was delighted by the compliments and even more delighted by the mickey-taking humour.

Speakers included dealers Andrew Wood (Woods Motorcycles, Abegele), the leading bike dealer in North Wales, and Philip Youles (Youles Motorcycles, Blackburn and Manchester). Youles presented Tagliaferri, an ardent Burnley soccer fan, with a Burnley shirt with the number 29 on the back, the numbers of years Tagliaferri has served at Triumph.

“The last 29 years have flown by,” said Triumph CEO and factory founder Nick Bloor who was 13 when Tagliaferri joined Triumph in 1990. “Your achievements are quite phenomenal,” he added. “You are a massive part of the Triumph story. No-one has brought together so many people at Triumph. Thank you for your dedication and support.”

Bloor presented Tagliaferri with a Triumph fuel tank signed by himself and by members of Triumph’s staff. And Triumph dealers left presents for the retiring ‘friendly face of Triumph’ who set up the original Hinckley Triumph dealer network.



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