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car production falls in November

Production of cars in the UK tumbled by almost 20% in November compared with a year earlier, according to the industry’s trade body. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) blamed weaker demand in the UK and in export markets.

It also said changes in regulation and the introduction of new models and technology had contributed to the fall.

Exports fell by almost 23% in November – the fifth consecutive month that exports have declined.

Since September new models have been tested under a stricter emissions standards, which has disrupted car production.

Output was also held up lasts month as car makers awaited updated engines and transmissions for two models – the SMMT did not say for which cars.

“It’s very concerning to see demand for UK built cars decline in November, with output seriously impacted by falling business and consumer confidence in the UK allied to weakening export markets,” said Mike Hawes, the chief executive of the SMMT.

He also called for a no-deal Brexit to be ruled out, saying that “thousands” of jobs in car factories and their suppliers depend on frictionless trade with the European Union.

Last year the UK exported more than 1.3 million cars, of which more than half (54%) went to the EU.


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