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Chrissy Rouse

Chrissy Rouse 1995-2022
By David Aitkenhead and Luke Gregory

Global Moto, Lukas Distribution and the wider motorcycle industry have been united in grief at the loss of Chrissy Rouse, one of its best and brightest young stars, who died following injuries sustained in an accident at Donnington Park circuit on 2 October.

Chrissy, who rode for Crowe Performance in his maiden British Superbike season, was truly a remarkable character, loved by those who had the pleasure to know and work with him.

He had accomplished much in his 26 years, becoming a successful racer, qualified maths teacher, and co-host/producer of the popular Chasin’ the Racin’ podcast. In addition to this, we were proud to call him a colleague and friend, firstly at Global Moto, then latterly at Lukas Distribution with the launch of the BSA brand.

Having initially joined Global Moto to manage the social media accounts, support the marketing team and as a sponsored rider, he was a regular presence at our Colchester Kawasaki store. Then, with the acquisition of our Coventry site, he was actively involved with the renovations team, where nothing was too much trouble, and was regularly to be found jet washing, painting and labouring. He was the first to put himself forward for any task, memorably so upon delivery of our electric ride-on road sweeper. It may have lacked in performance in comparison to what he rode at the weekends, but he was in his element nonetheless!

We all have many fond memories of Chrissy throughout this time, from BBQs on summer evenings, dinners together and nights out on the town. He was an integral member of the team, and we could not have achieved what we have done without him. It is a great sadness that he was not able to witness the doors open to the general public, but his contribution will not be forgotten.

On the launch of the BSA brand with Lukas Distribution this summer, Chrissy was appointed as UK franchise manager and was instrumental in appointing and establishing the fledgling dealer network, ahead of the arrival of the new BSA Gold Star. He was incredibly passionate about the new project and spent his weekdays visiting and contacting dealers and potential dealers the length and breadth of the country. To accomplish all of this, as well as maintain his racing career and podcast schedule, speaks volumes about the dedication, ability and drive of this incredibly talented young man.

That there was so much promise in Chrissy’s future makes his loss all the more tragic and it will be keenly felt by all of us, but we take heart in the knowledge that continuing his project through to fruition is what he would have wanted.

On behalf of everyone at Global Moto and Lukas Distribution, we would like to express and share our sincere condolences with Chrissy’s family, friends, colleagues and fans at this difficult time.


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