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Cops put Piaggio’s three-wheeler on trial

Greater Manchester Police are trialling a Piaggio MP3 400LT in police livery. Kent police are also believed to be interested in the leaning three-wheeler, pictured here at the recent MCN ExCel show in London. The Metropolitan Police already has a fleet of some 80 Piaggio MP3 400s which it purchased some time ago after a three-year trial. Those machines are the slightly narrower motorcycle-class variety since all their riders have full bike licences and receive extra motorcycle training.

According to Piaggio’s Fleet sales manager, Fred Stevens, the MP3s are mostly used to police London’s Red Routes by both traffic officers and Police Community Support Officers.

All MP3s imported to the UK are now in LT ‘car licence’ version, but for 2014 Piaggio has dropped the 400, leaving only the 300 and 500 versions, although the more aggressively styled Gilera Fuoco 500 is also about to make a come-back.

Meanwhile, a change in trike laws means anyone passing their car licence this year will not be able to ride an MP3 LT. the change is not retrospective, which means anyone who has a full car licence dating from last year or earlier will still have the entitlement.


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