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Corby takes delivery of first H2R in the country

Corby Kawasaki was the first dealer in the country to take delivery of the new mirror finish techno marvel £41,000 Kawasaki H2R production road racer.

The 330bhp supercharged slick-shod missile arrived on 13 April at the Northamptonshire dealership, creating the most excitement since the premises were opened in 1977.

“It was exciting, but nerve-racking just getting the H2R out of the van because it is so valuable,” said CK owner Brian Pack, who was beaming at having the world’s fastest and most expensive production bike on the premises.

“It’s faster than a MotoGP bike, and we believe it’s the world’s first supercharged production motorcycle,” added Pack, who on the same day took delivery of the non-race H2 version of the 1000cc four.

The £22,000 H2 was already sold, but the miracle H2R is not for sale. It will remain on the premises as a star attraction.


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