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david silver museum attracts 4k visitors

More than 4000 people have visited The David Silver Honda Collection since it opened formally last July, the museum reports. Its newsletter states:

“Despite our relatively remote location we are set to far exceed all our expectations for year one. We have welcomed visitors from across the British Isles as well as Europe, America and Asia.

“The 1992 NR750 which we secured at the Coys Auction during the February MCN show in London now takes pride of place in our museum display, culminating the year by year presentation of over 150 classic Honda motorcycles.

“In addition, we have recently added a 1970 PF50 Graduate in brown to complement the 1970s/80s Belgium factory produced moped line-up, a 1982 C50L Automatic in red and a fully-restored 1962 Benly CB92 Super Sport in blue. We have an ongoing shopping list of identified models and are currently seeking original UK examples of a GL1500 and NS400R.

“The museum display will continue to evolve over time. Some new attractions currently being produced include a special plinth for the NR which is shaped and finished in the design of its oval piston. The circular display in the museum’s arrival area, which features an original C100 and CB750, is being enhanced with a colourful world map showing the locations of Honda motorcycle factories around the world and allowing international visitors to the museum to mark their home location. We are also producing two large backdrop information boards covering the background of the Honda Cub F-type and that of founder Soichiro Honda. These new features will be on display by the end of June.      

“The museum has attracted more than 10 groups of visitors to date, including our industry’s own heads of manufacturers club.”

A new guide book explaining the history of Honda motorcycles and the museum collection is now available.


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