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dealer targets 'ambitious' and CI adds to overheads

Dealers remain cautiously optimistic despite struggling with their manufacturer targets and finding it difficult to plan ahead because of onerous overheads.

That’s the finding of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association.

In its monthly analysis, NMDA chief Steve Latham says: “Talking to dealers there is an air of cautious optimism but concern that some manufacturers targets seem very ambitious. Linked to this is the requirement to reinvest in dealer CI signage and décor, which is making it difficult to plan and budget for this year as a motorcycle retailer.”

Of the market for new motorcycles, he writes: “January is always a low-volume month for motorcycle sales, with inclement weather and road conditions hardly encouraging riders, therefore it was pleasing to see 5935 new motorcycle registrations, an improvement of 8.7% over January 2018,” writes Steve Latham, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) of the latest MCIA figures.

“With the exceptions of the sub-50cc and the over-1000cc machines, all other power sectors showed increases. While the Honda PCX 125 dominated small-bike registrations, with 227 machines going on the road, and Honda also lead the field with the CRF1000 in the 651-1000cc sector, registering 158 units, it was unusual to see Husqvarna in the frame, leading the 126-650cc sector with 107 TE 300 model motorcycles being registered. This put Husqvarna into position seven out of the top-10 league table of manufacturers.

“For a low-volume month, there were a few surprises, with KTM being in second position with 589 registrations. We hear from many dealers that there was a real push for them to acquire additional bikes from KTM in expectation of a price rise related to currency exchange rates. Some of this extra inventory was probably self-registered, boosting KTM’s position in the market.

“Honda, as always, lead the pack, with 1496 machines going on the road, followed by KTM as indicated above, and Yamaha in third place with 535 registrations.”

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