Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Dealers beware

Multiple dealers have approached BDN to raise awareness of a gang of shoplifters targeting motorcycle showrooms.

CCTV footage suggests the team has been operating since May this year and has visited numerous stores in the Midlands, Wales, South West, South, and East of England.

As we approach Christmas, activity is intensifying, with a spate of stores being targeted over the past eight weeks and multiple high-value items being stolen.

In most cases, a male and a female enter the dealership, pushing a pram or pushchair – which they use to conceal their loot. The male distracts staff while the female removes items from shelves and de-tags/removes bar codes. They certainly don’t rush, spending up to fifteen minutes “looking around”.


The gang seems to target high-end helmets, but other items have also been taken. The couple are in their thirties/forties and have been taking up to three items per visit.

Dealers we have spoken to say the police aren’t interested, even though one dealer has recovered a helmet with fingerprints from the offenders on it. Pictures of the thieves are above – If your showroom has been targeted, please let us know at [email protected]


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