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Demand still going strong

Data published by the MCIA showed that February registrations increased by an impressive 81.7% compared to 2021.

Although a major contributing factor to the growth was the UK being in lockdown last year, a comparison with February 2019’s pre-pandemic total still shows 16.3% growth. Although orders delayed from last season which have finally arrived will have boosted the figures, recent feedback from dealers suggests that demand in the first two months of 2022 was very strong.

Stock challenges continue to plague the industry, but forward orders for popular models with particularly long lead times have remained strong, so there are signs that consumers are becoming more accustomed to the situation.

Although there remains little sign of the increasing cost of living having an impact on consumer spending, the next few months are going to be crucial as the effects of burgeoning inflation start to be felt. The situation in Eastern Europe will also likely increase economic uncertainty, potentially impacting spending confidence. However, for now the market remains buoyant.
Paul McDonald
Leisure Vehicles Editor


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