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Disappointing month for PTW sales

Although June looks to have been a difficult month for motorcycle sales as a whole, the year-to-date figures are still holding up well against the previous year even with supply shortages,” said Symon Cook, head of NMDA, commenting on the latest MCIA registration figures.

“The latest registration figures for June 2022 display broad decline across bike categories in comparison to June 2021. Nevertheless, there were rises in the ‘other’ mopeds (67.7%) and ‘competition’ motorcycles (22.8%) sectors.

“It is pleasing to see year-to-date figures rising for mopeds from 3209 units in 2021 to 3652 in 2022 (an increase of 13.8%) and for motorcycles from 54,405 units to 59,864 (a rise of 10%). In addition, engine sizes of 126-650cc experienced an impressive increase of 21.3% year-to-date, from 10,977 units to 13,318.

“As petrol prices increase, environmental concerns rise, and demand for home delivery shoots up, electric powered two wheeler registrations continue to accelerate in all power bands bar 1-4kW and 15-35kW.

“Honda remains the highest registering bike brand for June with 2200 units, Triumph followed with 1514 new bikes hitting the road, and Yamaha was in third position with 1234 units.”

Cook added: “As with the car and van markets, the motorcycle and scooter market is showing lower registrations, which can be attributed to a combination of the cost-of-living crisis and ongoing issues within the supply chain. Demand has dropped in comparison to June last year, however franchised dealers remain optimistic as we enter the tail end of summer, a popular time for seasonal riders.”


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