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diy electric motorcycles to be revealed

Shed Rides is to display a prototype of its build-your-own electric motorcycle kit at the Manchester Bike Show this weekend, 23/24 March. Once put together, the bike, called Shed One, has a power output of 17kW (22hp) and is intended to be a short-range commuter/utility machine. It is powered by lithium-based batteries.

Shed Ride is based in Todmorden and was seeking feedback from riders on the motocycle’s design and on customising options before setting a final retail price.

Shed One features attachment points for front/rear racks, stands, accessories and bodywork panels. There are also many optional features, including displays using a mobile phone, Bluetooth proximity start-up, integrated alarm and regenerative braking.

Andy Trainor of Shed Rides, pictured right, said: “Shed One is not designed to worry a Ducati Panigale but riding something self-built and customised to your own satisfaction would reward its owner with a sense of achievement and connection while zipping along.”

Each Shed One kit comes with full instructions supplied and telephone and email support will also be available. Additionally, Shed Rides will be offering regular courses covering energy requirements, components, wiring, displays, bike set-up, legalities and road-readiness.



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