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Dream on: dealer imports 50cc race engine

The Easy Rider brand owned by CG Chell of Stafford is importing a four-stroke, four-valve, twin-cam, twin-exhaust-port, 50cc single-cylinder engine from the end of March. Easy Rider is also having some stainless 2-1 exhausts made and some standalone down pipes so alternative silencers can be fitted.

“We think there will be demand for this engine. It has the look of the old Honda Dream 50cc race engine, and people might also buy one for a spare for their Dream 50,”  said Easy Rider. “The racing boys will hopefully pick up on them as well or custom-50 petrol heads. We are having a trial batch of 20 delivered and we are putting one into a bike for testing.”

The engine, which has a multi-plate wet clutch and five-speed box, will cost around £650 for the competition kit, which includes carb, cdi, coil, gear lever etc, although the price may vary depending on exchange rate, VAT and duty. Exhausts will be extra.

“If this is a success we will look at a 125cc version and maybe customising will help to stimulate interest – back to the future!”

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