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DVSA heartened by awareness of CBT standards checks

The DVSA has praised Motorcycle Trade Expo as the perfect place to meet dealers and trainers to spread the word about the latest regulations.

In a blog, Chris Parr said the show, held at Stoneleigh Park in January, had come at a good time, coinciding with the introduction of the new standards check for compulsory basic training (CBT).

“Having a stand as part of Expo’s Knowledge Shop gave us the opportunity to interact with everyone from Approved Training Bodies (ATBs), to trainee instructors. It also gave us the chance to meet and talk with people who were interested in becoming an instructor or those who just wanted to learn to ride.

“It also gave us the perfect chance to discuss the new CBT standards check form and what it meant compared with the current system of recording the assessment.”

Parr said the DVSA wanted to encourage a more client-centred learning (CCL) approach to carrying out motorcycle instruction.

“It was heartening to hear how many ATBs were fully aware of the new CBT standards check form, and what was meant by delivering a CCL-based lesson. In a lot of cases the instructors weren’t familiar with some of the CCL jargon, but were actually using some of these techniques naturally.

“Other instructors were brutally honest with questions like ‘I don’t understand what this stuff is about, can you help me?’

“There is no substitute for face to face chat. This is where having a presence at the event really came into its own. It helped us to allay fears and debunk any myths, and above all it helps us build a rapport with our customers.

“We found there was a lot of interest in the future of CBT generally, especially the qualification process.

“All in all we found the event a valuable exercise. Everyone enjoyed the experience, which was hard-going at times and involved some difficult conversations. However, everyone appeared to gain a lot from it, not least ourselves.”

Parr also had a chance to meet his hero, former multiple World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty.

You can access the blog and some valuable links to motorcycle trainer standards at



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