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Eddie “Webby” Jago 1936-2021

Webb’s Motorcycles founder, Eddie “Webby” Jago passed away after a short illness on 2 August aged 85. “Webbs” was formed in 1960 and Eddie and then wife Betty, used to commute by motorcycle and sidecar, between Oldham and Lincoln in the early days. Webbs, formerly a British bikes and spares business, became a Yamaha dealer in the mid-seventies. After a divorce and their departure from the business in 1984, Eddie and Betty went their separate ways.

Eddie, surprisingly, became an entertainer at Butlins in Skegness for several years running their very popular karaoke nights. Later, he moved to Spain, where he lived for about 20 years before returning in 2018 to live in Lincoln, after some health issues.

Webby was “a bit of a character” and present customers still fondly recall the time he was involved. Webb’s, of course, continue and is still a family business with two stores in Lincoln, and Peterborough, both with Yamaha and Triumph franchises. Eddie visited both stores following his return from Spain and had vivid memories of the people in the trade he had worked with. You know who you are!

Words kindly supplied by Andre Waszczyszyn, director, Webb’s of Lincoln.


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