Monday, July 22, 2024
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Eight new Betas

The current holder of the Enduro World Championship, Betamotor, has revealed its MY23 RR model range. Developed in close collaboration with Enduro champions Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe, a suite of new solutions for the powertrain and the frame/suspension for both two-stroke and four-stroke models is designed to consolidate the highly acclaimed characteristics of the previous generation.

The RR range comprises eight different models, each intended to cater to the needs of a diverse spectrum of riders. Betamotor claims that it has increased the performance of the bikes as well as making them more accessible. Aesthetics have also been updated, with a new all-red colour scheme and plastics with a more linear and sleeker design.

Some say “less is more”, and to that end Beta has created bikes with only what the rider really needs for racing or when out on a Sunday ride. The range comprises four two-stroke models in 125, 200, 250 and 300cc capacities, and four four-strokes in 350, 390, 430 and 480cc variants. Common to all models are revised ZF fork internals enabling greater set-up possibilities to give improved rider comfort and better control. New radiator shrouds are narrower than before to give the rider more freedom of movement.


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