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February, a bumper month for motorcycle sales

The NMDA is delighted at the registrations surge in February. Its head, Steve Latham, said: “Traditionally, February is a quiet month in volume terms for motorcycle registrations, with many buyers holding out for the new 16 registration plate on 1 March but this year, with confidence in the economy and near full employment, customers have not held back as much as usual with registrations up a massive 24.8%, that’s 987 more bike sales than the 3985 sold in February last year.

“It could result from high employment, where many people are looking for economic transport that shortens their time travelling. This is borne out by the meteoric 37.9% rise in scooter registrations and by the growth, not seen for some months now, in the sub-50cc scooter sector. This was up 14.1%, indicating new young riders are seeking out sensibly priced commuting solutions.

“Being a small market in February – about half of the average registrations if you base it on the predictions of over 120,000 registrations for 2016 – the plate change can skew the picture a little for certain brands. For instance, if you were buying a larger machine costing £10,000/£12,000 you would definitely want the latest new registration plate to preserve its residual value. On the other hand, if you are just looking for transport to work at a value price, this plate change will hardly affect you as your need for transport is greater. This may explain why the budget brand Lexmoto has surpassed the registration of every brand in February other than the market leader Honda.

“Either way, I can see the major players watching how the market changes with these two very different market drivers. It is the old question, is buying a motorcycle a transport necessity or a leisure purchase?

“Whatever way you see the market, the sure thing is this February increase of nearly 25% is a healthy indicator that 2016 will be a strong market for motorcycle sales as we look forward to seeing the figures for March that will embrace the new 16 plate change.”

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