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Follow the rules and stay out of jail

Radius Law is holding a free webinar explaining “an effective approach to Corporate Governance”. Radius Law’s director, Iain Larkins (pictured), says that complying with the rules will “keep you out of jail” and that the webinar explains the behavioural shift required to create an ‘unstoppable culture’.

The webinar – which will take place on 26 February between 12.30 and 13.30 – will highlight the rules and responsibilities of directorship but will also explore ways to create the right environment/cultural approach to compliance so that it becomes ‘what we do around here’.

The topics we will cover include:

  • The relevant  laws and the rules of Directorship and the personal responsibilities;
  • What ‘good looks like’ and the consequences of getting it wrong;
  • How to create a ‘can do’ and ‘want to do’ compliance culture;
  • What makes people tick? and how to engage and motivate your team to willingly do the right thing (compliantly).

This webinar will be streamed live with the opportunity for you to post questions. If you can’t make the time – a recorded version will be available afterwards.

Register here.





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