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founders put motofire on the market

Motorcycling website Motofire has been put on the market.

The site was launched in 2014 by two ex-Bauer employees – photographer and “social media expert” Ian Jubb and web producer Steve Hunt – who described it at the time as “the antidote to the stale world of motorcycling news online”. Motofire offers motorcycle news, reviews, product reviews and lots of videos.

“We were determined to be different,” Hunt writes in Motofire’s online “for sale” announcement. “We had hoped that our open approach to running an online property would be precisely what manufacturers and brands wanted.

“Sure, we couldn’t claim to have over 2.5 million online ‘visitors’ a month, but we knew that the few thousand that would find us would be those people who genuinely cared about motorcycles.

“Of course we would need advertising money to survive, but with the market even then looking down the barrel of an ever-aging population, and the beginnings of an electrical onslaught that nobody in the industry seemed either ready for, or even aware of, we were confident that we could get enough young and/or progressive brands to join us on our crusade to show that motorcycles weren’t just the purview of old, white men in hi-viz jackets or Schwantz replica Arai lids. Motorcycles were, are, and always will be fu*#ng cool!

“Four years later we still maintain that two-wheeled machines offer more by way of thrill, excitement and life-affirming adrenaline than any other mode of high-speed travel today – and they are indeed, cool – but the honest truth of the matter is that while we have proven that there is an interest in motorcycles above and beyond the elderly echo-chamber clientele that is attracted to most of the other online press, the marketing departments and advertising of most UK manufacturers and brand distribution houses don’t share the same enthusiasm.

“Now it’s time to pass on the challenge.”


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