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Fowlers promotes safety as Sharp breaks 400 barrier

More than 400 motorcycle helmets have been tested by the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (Sharp) since the government set up the body in 2007 to help save motorcyclist lives – a campaign that Fowlers Motorcycles is helping to promote.

Sharp says it has conducted more than 13,000 high-impact tests to provide safety ratings for 401 helmets.

The testing system provides ratings of between one and five stars to show how well helmets perform over and above the minimum legal requirements.

“Providing this information about the safety of helmets is likely to have contributed to a 38% drop in motorcyclist fatalities since 2007,” says road safety minister Andrew Jones.

Jones said: “The confidence riders put in the ratings shows how vitally important they are in helping reduce the number of tragedies we see on our roads.”

Fowlers, meanwhile, held a consumer survey on helmets and the results were “shocking”, according to the Bristol-based dealer.

The company asked customers: “40% of riders could be wearing an unsafe helmet – are you one of them?”

Hundreds of riders responded and the results were “shocking”.

“More than 40% of those questioned admitted to using a helmet that was more than three years old and a significant number – one in eight of all riders surveyed – wore a helmet that is more than five years old.”

Fowlers explained to its customers why they should be worried, including that helmet manufacturers and independent safety experts such as Sharp advise replacing a motorcycle helmet after three years of regular use, and every five years as a matter of course.

John Chatterton-Ross, director of public affairs at the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), said: “With more than 400 listings, Sharp gives riders objective safety information with the star rating. A system I used it when buying my current helmet.”

In the latest ratings, Sharp awarded the following: Bell Star, HJC FG ST, Arai RX-7V, five stars; MDS M13, Nolan N87, four stars; LS2 FF397 Vector, Bell Bullitt, three stars.

Picture: As previously reported by BDN, Fowlers won MCN’s dealer award for Best in the South West




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